February 10, 2023 at the Nacogdoches Expo Center

Why CHAIRished Blessings?

Have you ever thought we made a mistake and that “CHAIR”ished Blessings was spelled wrong? This is actually on purpose! Beginning 7 years ago, Love INC began this fundraiser as both a way to raise money for the many ministries that it has in partnership with local churches as well as to promote those relationships with churches and clients through the analogy of a refurbished chair.

So many of the clients that Love INC works with on a daily basis are broken, battered, and worn out. Actually, many or might I say all of the Love INC staff, volunteers, and members were that way at one point too. However by the grace and love of God, we have been made into something new and Love INC is blessed to be a vessel to carry that grace and love to others who need to be remade and refurbished too.

Thank you for helping us create transformational relationships with our clients! It is thanks to your support that ministry continues to thrive.